Friday, November 10, 2006

Rewind & Repeat of Today

I gave myself a manicure and pedicure early this morning, and then ventured out to get a chin length bob haircut, since it is the current happening hairstyle. See Jessica Simpson's sassy shorter haircut above. Her silly face is still beautiful.

I went to the park to walk three miles with my sister this afternoon. She showed me table shots from her wedding and pretty photos from her trip to Maine. I introduced her to Phil Roy’s newest CD. She liked his music.

I ate a purely vegetable diet all day, so when I drank a glass of chardonnay with lunch I got an extreme buzz. I made coffee to help me get my head back, and then drank lots of water the rest of the evening.

I will be adding protein again tomorrow. I feel so low blood sugary this way. This diet has an all fruit and an all veg day once a week. Those days are difficult to get through. It was hard enough giving up bread, potatoes and pasta!

I better fit back into my skinny jeans fast. This South Beach type diet is torture. I’m glad that is an eleven day on, three day off plan, so I can have an occasional serving of comforting carbs. I’ll be so much happier and healthier when I lose fifteen pounds.

My sister lost weight quickly for her wedding, so her hot little bod is proof that it works. I was too sick with wisdom tooth issues to take the best care of myself for a while. Now that I am finally beginning to feel better, I want to whip myself back into my sexiest/slimmest shape.

I saw Borat yesterday. It wasn’t as funny as I had expected. Four people walked out of the sparsely filled theater during the scene in which tall, skinny and hairy Borat wrestled naked with his short, 300 poundish, even hairier friend. Some people are so uptight.


Bud said...

I know you'll be back in shape in no time, Jess. I'm looking forward to the Borat film but not the scene you described. Still, I won't be walking out.

Stewart Sternberg said...

Jess, I have a writing assignment on my blog I think you might enjoy. I mention this based on some of the posts you've made.

The writing assignment is a challenge to write 1000 words or less, focusing on character development and dialogue, to write about a seduction. The seduction can take any form. It can be light or dark. It can be romantic or not.

I will link to all postings with the assignment this coming Friday.

Anyway, just thought you and anyone here might be interested.

Jessica said...

Thanks, Bud.


Thank you for including me in your writing assignment. I rarely write things that involve character development and dialogue. However, I have written about ten erotic stories, which are not currently posted on my blogs. I will see if I can come up with something.