Wednesday, November 29, 2006


Sharon Stone uncrossed her beautiful long legs in Basic Instinct revealing the feminine shape in between. Lately, I have read that Paris Hilton, Lindsey Lohan and Britney Spears have been tempting the paparazzi to take crotch shots, none of which have turned out to be flattering. I have also heard that Pink likes to go pantiless. I have seen footage of Tara Reid pretending that her new implants fell out of her top by accident. I have heard about multiple celebrities who created their own porn. I found it amusing when they feigned shock and sadness after their home movies were released to the public, which made them all more famous and intriguing.

Sexy body parts and videos grab attention. Most people are exhibitionists and voyeurs. I don’t believe that anything that I mentioned above was exposed by accident.

Going out sans panties under a short and sexy evening dress makes me feel seductive. It turns me on to know that I’m naked, without anyone else knowing. I think it is a really hot way to make a date more exciting. I also like sneaking touches and subtle caresses under the table, while sharing a meal. Seeing a wet spot kiss the fabric of my man’s crotch adds intensity to my desire. I love glancing at the tent in his pants, knowing that he is aching for me to satisfy his want. I want him to need me.

I think that most people crave attention and want to be craved. I understand the desire to be noticed, as I have shared naked photos and showed off on my webcam in the past. The novelty of that wore off quickly. I stopped stripping myself after I realized that I didn’t care if men at large found me alluring. I realized that I was really looking for love. I wanted someone to love me, really love me, even when I was feeling neurotic and sad. I wanted someone smart, sweet and special to think that I was really adorable. I also wanted lust--lots of brilliant lust.

Sometimes people are attention whores, but I believe that people just want to be loved, which is undeniably human.


mcs said...

"Most people are exhibitionists and voyeurs."

I'm neither, really. I'm not much interested in what I cannot have. Of course, if some girl wants to bend over and expose her ass crack and undies, I'll glance over for a moment, mosly by accident, but certainly more deliberately if she's practically begging everyone to gawk at her. But the moment passes simly because it's not leading anywhere fun, so ultimately it's boring.

I think most exhibitionists turn out to be boring and vapid and insecure, and therefore are not as sexually exciting as the tease they shove in our faces. The really naughty ones typically have more self-assurance than the peek-a-boo types and therefore don't lead with their chin when they come at you; they use their charm, guile, and maybe a naughty look in their eyes to attract others. I find that type much more alluring than some Pamela Anderson or Paris Hilton wannabe with her ass crack and boobs exposed for all humanity to gawk at.

Matt-Man said...

Incredibly sexy shot Jess. And I agree 100% about how hot a few under the table touches can be in public. Sadly, I think too many people hide their lust, sensuality, and love. I sure dont, and I am glad you dont either. And yeah, it's nice to be loved. Cheers.....

Jessica said...

I think that being sexy and interesting has a lot more to do with intelligence than looks, but eye contact with someone attractive is hot, especially if they are wearing something that is somewhat suggestive, like a peek of cleavage or leg.

I think that teasing peeks are sweet and naughty all at the same time. I believe that most people are somewhat insecure on the inside, and the most insecure person in the room is also usually the most obnoxious and arrogant big mouth.

I love looking at beautiful people and things regardless of whether or not I am involved with them or ever will be.
I guess I enjoy window shopping--and you don't. Besides if you got everything you wanted you would have way more than you needed--and probably a lot of nasty STDs!

I think that a lot of men like looking at strippers and porn without getting laid. Why else would the industry be so HUGE? Pam Anderson and Paris Hilton have acquired a lot more wealth and attention because so many people are turned on by exhibitionists like them. Most men don't care if they are boring in bed, since they are content to jerk off, while looking at their hot bodies. I believe that women who are open to stripping and seducing are also usually more open to experimenting and playing with a lover.

Most men love gawking, but won't admit it. Most women love to be whistled at and admired, but won't admit it. Silly.

Stewart Sternberg said...

I think that it isn't what's exposed but how and when..and in what way. I think the imagination lets us be seduced...without the imagination, without a sense of play, there is nothing to the concept of "sexy" or flirtatious". A bare breast is sexy, but for some of us, a flash of cleavage can be more enticing. It's the promise and the mystery.

Self concept plays into it as well. A woman who is strong and has a well developed ego is much sexier than a woman who is weak and showing off to compensate or to merely seek approval.

Of course, this goes back to the idea subjectivity. What interests me might not interest another man. For instance, I have a passion for female bodybuilders, another man might think that odd or grotesque. I find it exotic.

Which I suppose makes the final point: skin is secondary to the most important sexual organ: the brain.

Stewart Sternberg said...
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Jessica said...


I think gigantic implants are declasse and they cause backpain. Women with mosquito bites for breasts usually choose to get implants that are natural looking. Not everyone wants to get paid to pose for Playboy.

I think that fake breasts are unattrative plastic orbs that are inflated under the skin. They float there like to balloons waiting to be popped.

If I had naturally small breasts, I would play up other assests.

I agree that confidence is sexy, but I think a certain amount of shyness is sweet and honest.

Jessica said...

Oh and female body builders, yuck. Gina or whatever her name is comes to mind. She is hideous and very testosteronish, but to each his own of course...

Bud said...

I really hate implants. I wish more women would realize that small breasts are very sexy if you know how to enhance their appearance naturally. Too many small women try to hide them. It's a shame.

spencer said...

I have a friend that was flat - flatter than I'd ever seen a woman - she is the most breast focused woman I've ever known. So of course she got implants.

I've never been a fan, but whatever gets you to sleep at night.

And yes Jess, damn sexy pics.

spencer said...

Oh and btw - there's a huge difference between a woman feeling comfortable with their body and and not being afraid to show it, and the drunken sorority sister display of Britney Spears. That's nothing more than pathetic.

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