Sunday, November 05, 2006

Brief Weekend Wrap-Up

On Friday afternoon, I got a facial and reflexology pedicure at Heaven Spa thanks to my sister, who generously gave me a gift card for my birthday. It was something that I wouldn’t have done otherwise, so I am grateful to her. My pores were steamed and treated until my face was clean and pretty. My feet were massaged and scrubbed and painted. The whole experience was relaxing. I felt like a pampered Swedish princess. I left the spa doing the Oola dance.

On Saturday afternoon, I found a birthday card inside of my mailbox from my best friend, which had been hiding for a week. (Our postman usually puts our mail on the rungs outside of the box.) She mentioned our dinner date last Saturday night and wrote that we should do it more often, since we still have so much to catch up on. It made me smile.

I shopped online for new lingerie, pjs and slippers, a winter handbag, scarlet patent leather peep-toe heels, a hot pair of brown shoe boots and a black pair of clogs, sweet body lotions and a few other girlie things.

I watched Adam Sandler’s new movie Click on Saturday night, while my daughter had a sleepover with her best friend. (My son was at a concert with his best buddy.) It wasn’t as funny or cute as some of his other films, but I liked Christopher Walken. I love his voice and manner of delivery. He is sexy, suave and a little bit scary.

I planned on seeing Borat this afternoon, but household chores and errands postponed that idea. I am hoping to see it this week with my sister. I heard a movie critic say it was the funniest movie that he has ever seen, and he has seen a lot of movies.

In between scrubbing, polishing and mopping my little house and buying pet food and a pink Nintendo DS Lite for my daughter, I sat down and watched my favorite travel shows, which I saved on TiVo. I love Globe Trekker, Smart Travels and Rick Steves’ Europe. I spent the morning learning about Australia, England, Mexico, Seattle and China Towns across the globe, while sipping creamy coffee. It wasn't as great as exploring the places in person. I couldn't shop in all of the tempting and colorful outdoor markets or eat all of the delicious local food or feel and smell the scenery, but it was interesting and educational.

I am a geek.

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deep_z said...

phew... loved the video... She could really move.