Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Phil Me Up

I’m drunk on Beaujolais and Phil Roy. I fell in love with Phil, while I heard him singing the songs Exceptionally Ordinary and Melt at an intimate local theater—or maybe it was the sweetness of his folk songs that captured my heart. I rarely come across something/someone that really moves me, so it was a special moment.

I am usually touched by specific songs rather than artists or albums. Is album a word anymore? There are very few musicians who I follow faithfully. I infrequently anticipate the release of a new CD, so when I discover someone extraordinary I feel like a little girl on Christmas morning.

A few days after the show, I purchased all three of Phil’s CDs from his website, so I could absorb him in the privacy of my home. Curiosity was buzzing in the back of my mind for a few days until they arrived. His sexy, masculine voice is coming through my speakers as I write. The quality of his sound and lyrics physically aroused me—I had a damp panties moment, as soon as the pleasant vibrations of Nobody Has To Know began—and it wasn’t because I cranked up the bass. I imagine that his talent makes most women feel like melting in his arms, to steal a line from one of his songs.

I find that I often become bored with an artist, since they tend to sound similar in every track, but Phil uses an eclectic mix of styles, so his songs feel fresh and entertaining. Some are light and sweet, some are more complex and deep--and all of them are exploratory and romantic.

One of his songs is called I Love Everyone, which reminded me of a silly Jerky Boys track. My favorite Jerky Boy’s character, Tarbash, stifled a laugh as he said, “I love everyone in this life” at the close of a very silly phony phone call. (The bit is called Stop That. The Egyptian Magician also elicited many giggles.) That line has stuck with me and it’s a philosophy I try to carry with me every day. Phil’s song helped reinforce that beautiful idea. (I realize that I am a weirdo for being moved by a line that came from something ridiculous.)

I was going to list my favorite Phil tracks, but I think I need more time for them to seep in. One play isn’t enough. I'm so amazed.

Pull over—Out the door
Spread those legs
Up against the wall
Seductive lyrics sung by Phil

Why Do We Make It So Hard
-P. Roy

Light a candle it will glow
Water flowers see them grow
Speak the truth and you will see
The result is honesty
Squeeze an orange you’ll get juice
Find a lover reproduce
If you’re tired go to sleep
The simple things are all you need

Why do we make it so hard
So hard

Tell a joke and make them laugh
If you’re filthy take a bath
If you’re lonely make a friend and
If you’re guilty make amends
When you’re happy show your smile
When you’re fighting reconcile
If you like music sing along
Learn the lyrics to this song

Why do we make it so hard
I don’t understand
It’s so simple
Why do we make it so hard so hard

Have you ever thought about
Time is food for a clocks mouth
Eating every second of life
Eating every second of life


Matt-Man said...

You always have such nice posts, Jess. When I come here I always want to leave a pertinent comment, but I end up sitting here thinking, "Damn She's Sexy..."


Jessica said...

Very sweet of you to say, thank you, Matt.

Lisa said...

Is he coming back to the Keswick?

Diane said...

Lovely song!

Anonymous said...

You dig up obscure stuff that is cool. Make me a CD.


Joey said...

Pretty legs, Jess.

PudriK said...

A wonderful sentiment, if only everything he mentions were so simple... Finding a lover or reconciling with your opponents is rarely something you can just do.

Regardless, I'm encouraged to take a listen of Phil Roy for myself. I'm sure even a straight guy might find something to appreciate.

Colin said...

Cool tune.