Friday, November 24, 2006

Crush - Friday Random Ten

1. Crush – Dave Matthews Band
2. Love at First Sight – Kylie Minogue
3. I Love You – Sarah McLachlan
4. I Wanna Be Loved By You – Marilyn Monroe
5. Love At First Sight – Blue
6. Crush – Lila McCan
7. Love At First Sight – Styx
8. Crush – Useless I.D
9. Love At First Sight – Michael Bublé
10. Break Me – Jewel


Stewart Sternberg said...

I can't help but notice the preponderance of cleavage shots here. I love cleavage. I think I shall have to do a posting on it sometime. I know that sounds strange, but I mean an examination of how implied sexuality (amazing cleavage, a short skirt, moist lips, etc.) can be more exciting that over sexuality and open nudity.'re the one who got me thinking by posting Marilyn.

Ellen said...

I like the set alot!

Joe Tornatore said...

i see you are writing about another crush. lol

Jessica said...

Stewart, Marilyn was feminine and sexy, and so are all of the things you mentioned.

Thanks, Ellen.

Joe, I'm past it already. I had a crush on music, not a person. Took me a little while to realize that.

howard said...

Good set, Jess - especially the first song, imo.

Kylie Fan said...

I love Kylie! She is an inspiration.

Have you seen her exhibition at the V&A in London? it’s great for Kylie fans:

“Kylie - The Exhibition” runs until 10 June 2007 and it’s free!