Sunday, November 19, 2006

Hello City

This morning, we took our daughter on a 30 minute train ride to the Market East Terminal. We walked through The Gallery and out into the street. We walked two blocks and entered Philadelphia’s Chinatown. It was smaller than my daughter expected. We took her shopping at the Hello Kitty store, which tickled her pink. We also stopped at a pastry shop. The “pastries” tasted strange. I thought that they were yucky.

After we covered Chinatown, we continued walking toward Center City. We stopped to check out the Reading Terminal Market, and then continued on to shoot some photos of landmark buildings with interesting architecture. Then we walked into the Historic District and took a 30 minute horse carriage ride, which was educational and fun. It was the highlight of our daughter’s day. She chose the white horse. His name was Noodle. He had a braid on his rear-end, which made my daughter smile.

We decided to catch the train home after we spent four hours perusing around downtown. My husband immediately crashed on the sofa after we walked in the front door. I am downloading photos, while he naps. However, my camera battery ran out after ¼ of our trip. My father, a fantastic professional photographer, was not impressed by that news.

I loved watching my daughter’s pretty face light up as she took in the city sights. I asked her if she liked her first train ride and she shouted an enthusiastic, “Yes!”


mcs said...

You're making me homesick. :-(

Jessica said...

I'd much rather be in NC avec toi! Those blue and white photos were so tranquil.