Monday, November 20, 2006

Left Begging

For those of you who read all of my hype, including a fictional fantasy, about Phil Roy in the past couple of weeks, I mentioned that he would be on CBS "Sunday Morning" yesterday. Unfortunately, he got bumped by 90 minutes of somewhat boring tales about food. The most snoring story of the morning was about aprons. I think aprons are cute, but I don't want to watch a whole bit on them. A silly lady even wrote an entire book about them. I was hungry for Phil, so I fast forwarded my TiVo all the way to the end of the show. I felt like a puppy that missed out on her favorite treat.

Phil combines food and music, which are two of life’s most sensational things. Hopefully, he will air at a later date. I'm sure that all of Phil's family, friends and fans feel the same way. We will continue to hope for a little taste of someone especially talented and tempting—on TV.

Phil's dog, Travis (left)
*Here is the online version from CBS News Online, which is like licking frozen yogurt instead of ice cream.

*Phil is just as cute as Emeril Legasse and the Swedish Chef.

*Here is a visual presentation of his "Not Leaving Home Tour."

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