Saturday, September 23, 2006

Top 5 Songs to "Get You in the Mood"

Trekman tagged me with his Fall Saturday Meme
Top 5 Songs to "Get You in the Mood"

1) Sparks – Coldplay
2) Black Cherry - Goldfrapp
3) Come Here Boy – Imogen Heap
4) Fever – Opie Bellas
5) Feelin Love – Paula Cole

These aren’t necessarily my top five, but I tried to pick more obscure stuff that I haven’t used on any of my Friday Random Ten lists. I am tagging any reader who would like to participate. Feed me MP3 mood fuel, please.

Happy first day of fall! Eat some apples!
*Trek, I downloaded your picks. They were relaxing and sexy! I couldn't find Love Stew on Limewire though.

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