Thursday, September 21, 2006

Luscious Lunch

I am drinking a sweet strawberry banana smoothie for lunch. I have been drinking a variety of flavors a few times a week for the probiotic benefits. I just took a sip and realized that it tastes like fruit flavored snot. Maybe I should write a yogurt commercial.

What are you having for lunch?


Sanjay said...

lol @fruit flavored snot.
2 pears from the local farmer close to home and half a can of coke.

That's lunch, I don't eat lunch most days, it's amazing how little one needs to eat. But it took me a while to get to that point. Of course I love the benefits of being in good shape and staying alert thru out the day and always being a little hungry. Ya I am wierd that ways ;)

Bud said...

I had my protien drink and it didn't taste like fruit flavored snot. I don't think.I haven't tasted snot since I was very young. Love your description, though.

Jessica said...


Sounds like you have a healthy diet. I try to do that most day, too. Gotta splurge sometimes though -- and I rarely skip meals. I get cranky when I get too hungry and then end up pigging out later.

Bud, another yoga, healthy blog buddy. Thanks.

PaxRomano said...

Fruit Flavored Snot!!! OH GAWD, Jess you missed your calling, girl! That is the funniest description of a food-stuff I've ever heard...HOWEVER, if marketed correctly, I'll bet you could sell tons of it to little kids.

Remember me when you make your first million.

jkirlin said...

Not a smoothie NOW. :)

Tim said...

you should also try making your own kefir. well this homemade one can taste more like sour snot since it has no fruits included (unless you add one), but it is much healthier than the ones bought in stores since it's naturally fermented.