Friday, September 15, 2006

Fishing and Football

I spent last Saturday watching Season 2 of Desperate Housewives, while my husband took our kids fishing on a party boat in Ocean City, NJ. I used to enjoy fishing on the sea, until I tried my first eight hour excursion sans breakfast. I was powerfully nauseous the entire time, which stole my normal enthusiasm for baiting and hooking anything with scales and fins.

My prior experiences with fishing had been on private boats with friends and family. We braved some rough surf, but I never got sick. I had also gone on public four hour tours, which were thrilling. I have allowed one rough and rainy day to ruin my previous excitement for trolling wrecks and reefs.

In my defense, the eight hour trip felt like an eternity. During the choppy ride back to the dock, the clouds poured drops onto our heads that were much heavier than any shower I’ve ever enjoyed. The first mate was kind enough to dress me in his raincoat, which became covered in fish guts as the crew cleaned the catch, since the wind was whipping at my back.

I’d like to give it another go on a mild, sunny and clear day. I miss reeling in my line and finding a salty, flopping, tasty treasure on the other end.

Last Sunday, our family went to see the movie Invincible. The stadium seating theater was electric, since the audience was comprised of local Eagles fans. It made us eager for football season. My son wants to buy a new fog horn to blow outside after every Eagles touchdown.

I also threw a bridal shower luncheon for my sister at Scoogi's restaurant. It was lovely. She is getting married to a nice guy/golf pro next month at a local country club. She looks like a little doll in her simple and elegant wedding dress. I hope that their special day will be spectacular.


Bud said...

All those years I spent at the Jersey Shore and I can only recall one fishing trip in the bay at Surf City in a row boat, a few tag along surf fishing things (boring) and one deep see thing out of Wildwood. I just don't get the whole fishing thing.

Jessica said...

Bud, The sun and the sea are delicious.