Friday, September 15, 2006

Sneaky Slips and Sips

As I was driving to the movie theater yesterday after brunch to see Hollywoodland with my husband, I began wondering about the freshness of my breath. I popped a wintergreen mint into my mouth, which is my favorite refreshing flavor. I usually keep some kind of mint or cinnamon gum in my handbag to combat coffee breath, which I happen to actually enjoy since I’m weird. However, I decided that I was more interested in being kissable than savoring the stale flavor of coffee beans doused with lots of sugar and cream.

I tend to choose wintergreen or cinnamon gum. My son likes spearmint and my daughter prefers peppermint.

What’s your favorite mint flavor?

I didn’t make out with my date during the 1950’s period film, but I slipped my hand into the waist of his pants and under his boxer briefs. Sneaky touching is hot, even when your spouse is making grunting noises like a hog at you for stealing two sips from his bucket of soda.

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