Sunday, September 17, 2006

Go Birds!

The air wafting into my windows is just cool enough to feel and smell sweet. The breeze from my kitchen is gently blowing the spicy scent of hot Italian sausages, which are simmering in my crock pot. They are waiting to be eaten on fresh rolls with lots of sauce and provolone cheese at game time! The Eagles will Host their NFC East Rival Giants this afternoon at 1:00 PM. You watching?


GuyMuse said...

Thanks for your comment at my M Blog. The thought of spicy hot Italian sausages and a good American football game are indeed something to be envied! Enjoy the aftenoon!

Anthony said...

I'm watching. Thanks for stopping by the blog.

The Burrell shirt may wish to remain seated for just a bit. :)

Bud said...

I'll have to just watch the scoreboard down here. Uh,pass the sausage, please.

Bud said...

Damn, that second half SUCKED!

Jessica said...

Guy, Thanks for saying Hi.

Anthony, I intend to keep wearing it!

Bud, The end of the game was a bummer!