Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Phones and Cars On My Mind

I relinquished my cell phone to my son three days ago, after several complaints from my sister about his overuse of their family plan. He hogged all of their minutes and text messaged like mad. She confiscated it twice for a whole month, during which time I had no way to reach him while he was out with his buddies. I usually lent him my new two-way phone.

I had him return the phone -- and handed over mine. He logged in what seemed like hundreds of phone numbers and is already receiving regular calls and two-ways. His handsome low voice is now on my voicemail – and I have yet to contact people to let them know that the number is no longer mine.

I need to get to the Nextel store to buy a new phone and add one to our plan. I didn’t use my phone that often, but I miss it when it’s not in my handbag. I hope that Nextel has new, more feminine looking phones.

I felt somewhat comforted by having a phone, while walking in the park or running errands. My two year old Volvo has been known to develop wacky electrical problems, which cut off my power locks, ignition, windows and moon roof. Sometimes the windshield wipers get stuck on and flap like crazy when it’s not raining. Fortunately I have tinted windows, but it’s still embarrassing!

I don’t think I’ll get another Volvo when my lease is up next summer. I’d like to get a cute hybrid, possibly a Prius. I will research other hybrids before we make a decision.

My husband is thinking about getting me a Chrysler 300, but I’d probably have trouble parking it. I think the new Jettas are super cute. My last car was a little green Jetta. It was easy to park and I never had a problem with it during our four year relationship.

I’ve got almost a year to think about a new car, but I’d like to buy a new phone this week. Time to work out and then go shopping!

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