Saturday, September 23, 2006

Jackass: Number Two

We went to see Jackass 2 last night with our teenage son and three of his friends. The theater was uproarious! I haven’t laughed that hard in a long time! I also gagged and felt faint several times. The movie really packs a punch. It is a nonstop assault of idiotic, weird, funny, dangerous and grotesque stunts.

We discussed our favorite funny scenes over breakfast this morning. My son liked the fat/wee man bungee jump and the beer bong/plunger ass. My husband liked the wall and door punching bag pranks. Exposed old man balls got the best laugh out of me.

The four grossest scenes involved piercing a large fishhook through a human cheek and using him as shark bait, a bloody snake bite ball pit, drinking freshly jacked horse semen and a pubic hair beard. I could describe about forty or fifty more scenarios, but I recommend that you see them for yourself.

The cast members are truly a bunch of crazy jackasses.

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Joe Tornatore said...

i try not to laugh at these guys but the only way is not to watch them.