Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Street Smarts

How street smart are you?

Your Score is: 18

12-21 points - Nobody's Victim
You’re neither foolhardy nor fearful – just aware that, wonderful as the world is, it can also be dangerous. You’ve learned to follow your instincts: when someone or something seems wrong, you don’t ignore that inner alarm, you take the appropriate steps to protect yourself. Part of this could be the result of what you or your friends have experience – often smart crime-fighters have been victimised themselves. So you’d rule out doing stupid things right away – like going to a deserted ATM late at night, or leaving your door or window unlocked. But an even larger part of your savvy stems from your overall sense of confidence. A smart woman tends to feel in control of her life – she’s trusting, but she also trusts her judgement when her instincts shout trouble.

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