Monday, September 18, 2006

Meditation & Mudras

Rodney Yee has a gorgeous masculine yoga physique. My first beginner yoga classes were his beginner DVDs. I have moved on to try intermediate and advanced yoga classes with different instructors in live classes at my gym and with other DVD teachers.

Yoga is different than most other forms of exercise in that you are relaxing and breathing deeply and evenly at the same time as strengthening and lengthening your muscles. It feels really good.

After I arrived home from my three mile walk in the park this afternoon, I did a simple yoga for meditation DVD, which really helped me relax. I haven’t spent much time doing meditation other than during the last few minutes of yoga class, which is usually spent on conscious relaxation techniques. However, I tried various meditation poses today using different mudras, which were refreshing, so I’ve decided to try and spend more time learning how to meditate. I love finding new ways to help the body/mind strengthen and unwind.


Sanjay said...

I am glad you can use yoga to relax, meditate and strengthen the mind and the body.

I have trouble sitting still, if I tried to meditate I would sleep in 2 mins. I guess thats how I relax. And no I am not knocking folks who follow this ancient tradition.

BTW I found your blog from the comments at Eschaton. I hang out a lot there but don't always comment. Later..

Jessica said...

I'm glad that you found me Sanjay. You have an interesting blog. I especially like the name of it. Maybe you could do a post about karma. I'd be interested in your thoughts on it.

Sanjay said...

Thanks. Maybe. I am really not sure about my core philosphy though. I am afraid it may be a mish mash of things, but might write one up at some point.