Sunday, October 29, 2006

Pleasant Birthday

I woke up yesterday and felt my pretty daughter’s silky little arms wrap around me. Her little pink lips whispered, “Happy Birthday, Mommy.”, and then the puckered into a small, damp kiss on my cheek.

A short while later, my adorable son woke up and came downstairs to wish me a happy birthday with a squeeze and a smooch. Next, my handsome husband opened his sleepy eyes and embraced me and repeated the same phrase.

After my husband ran out to pick up a few groceries, I was treated to a hot cup of coffee, a pink pastry and a vase of salmon roses, which was brought to me as my family sang, “Happy Birthday to you…”
About fifteen minutes later, my family served me homemade French toast and bacon with a glass of milk, which was followed by sweet birthday cards and gifts. (I finally have TiVo, but have no idea what to record since I don’t watch anything regularly. Anyone have a suggestion or two?)

After the kids left the room my husband and I shared “alone time”, which was sensational. (34 playful spankings and lots of kisses on my rear end and elsewhere...)

A little while later, I discovered that my husband had gotten me a carrot cake decorated with my favorite colors, pink and orange, which made me smile. We all had a piece for lunch, as my sister called to talk to me from work, and then my dad called to wish “his first born daughter a happy birthday.” He reminded me to check my email. (He sent some cute photos of me with my mom--and my first Cockapoo puppy when I was a little girl.)
In the evening, we all watched Monster House, which was somewhat disappointing, since it was reviewed well by critics.

My birthday dinner will be shared by my extended family tomorrow evening at my favorite local restaurant. (We are waiting for my sister who is a psych nurse. She worked over the weekend. She works three twelve hour shifts Friday-Sunday and has the rest of the week to herself.)

On Tuesday, I will be starting a new South Beach sort of eating plan, which was recommended by my sister. I have to get back into healthy eating after overindulging for days. We are also headed back to the gym this week, since it is getting too cold for our daily three mile walks in the park.

I had a very pleasant and relaxing birthday thanks to my loving family.


howard said...

"I finally have TiVo, but have no idea what to record since I don’t watch anything regularly. Anyone have a suggestion or two?"

I have a few shows I watch regularly, but one that I just discovered by accident is Ugly Betty. For some strange reason, I got hooked on it in record time. Might be up your alley, or not, but it's just a suggestion, so...

Ellen said...

Awww - I'm glad you had a good birthday.

I'll second the Ugly Betty - I saw it w/ my sis in Virginia but messed up the last 2 Thursadys catching it again. It's a very good feel good show and makes you think about things. The gorl from REAL WOMEN HAVE CURVES is the star and is great.