Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Pink Monster

This Halloween costume is so stupid looking that it cracked me up. Imagine wearing this. How much fun would it be to look so completely ridiculous?!

I loved Frankenberry cereal when I was little. Check out this great 34-second computer animated redux of a classic Frankenberry cereal commercial.


Morgen said...

Hi Jessica --
I've featured you on my New Links post at It's A Blog Eat Blog World.
Thanks for your comment earlier in the week -- that's how I discovered your site!
I now have a link to you in my sidebar, too!
Your Halloween stuff is great -- keep it up!

Jessica said...

Thank you, Morgen. I added you, too.

spencer said...

Man this is bad, but awesome.

Morgen said...

ps: I was always more of a count chocula guy myself
although I wouldn't turn down some boo-berries!