Thursday, October 05, 2006


Yesterday felt like a pleasant day in June. I went for a long walk at a local trail. Sweating in the sunshine felt good. The Way You Make Me Feel by Michael Jackson is one of my favorite sexy and inspirational walking beats. I also downloaded Christina Aguilera’s new CD. I love its retro sound!

I spent most of my walk alone on the track. I was trying to absorb myself in the music. I stopped singing abruptly when a woman who reminded me of my mother smiled at me as she walked by. My mood immediately sunk.

Once in a while I find myself searching for my mom in stranger’s faces. I find myself thinking, Are you my mother? It reminds me of a book by P.D. Eastman that I used to read to my kids when they were little.

I miss having my mom next to me.


Mistress Regina said...

It is often the memories we hold in our heart that are the most precious. My compliments on your musical selections.

Jessica said...

Thank you, Regina.