Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Spank Me

I'm Weird, 9 Ways...

1. I am annoyingly tidy. I compulsively throw things out and clean closets to donate clothes to charities. I steadfastly recycle. I even make my bed as soon as I wake up, and then spend the rest of my morning restoring order and doing laundry. I like my living space completely devoid of clutter before I begin the rest of my daily activities.

2. I often buy clothes that are one size too big because I tend to imagine that I have gained weight.

3. Every time that I change my hair color I tend to like the previous color instead, but I’ve learned that hair is not a crayon. Thankfully, I stopped the cycle before I made myself bald from abusing blonde, red and then brunette shades.

4. Showing off my pretty, full breasts makes me feel ripe, juicy and sexy and so does wearing lip liner all over my little mouth.

5. I like to be dominated in the bedroom. Light, playful spankings and taking orders to please make me really hot. Although sometimes I like to take control.

6. I like wearing 4” heels even though they make me 6’ tall.

7. I am extremely attracted to handsome, gigantic men and fantasize about f**king them only if they are 6’2” or taller and 200+ pounds. Lately, I find that my natural desire to procreate overwhelms me. I often feel a desperate desire to be fertilized by my 6’ 4” stud before or as I have an orgasm.

8. I shower and apply lotion to my legs before and after I exercise, so I smell clean and feel silky while I work out.

9. I delete all of the tracks from my MP3 player once a week because I get sick of hearing the same songs very quickly.

*Feel free to advertise your inner-weirdness on your blog. I copied this closing statement and this meme from my new blog pal, Matt-Man.


Aisby said...

Will you come throw things out at my house and tidy up (I'm a notoriously horrible housekeeper).

How do you still have perky breasts after two kids...I need surgery to get perky again.

Matt-Man said...

Thanks fo rthe PR Swede...And by the way, you', Damn It I just wish I was 2" taller!!

Bud said...

Nothing wrong with that.What weirdness?

Jessica said...

Aisby, I wear a bra 24/7, unless I'm naked with my husband--and they are not as perky as they were before nursing two children, but they are still sexy!

Matt, Thanks and you're welcome.