Thursday, October 19, 2006


She's sweet, she's sassy - she's swassy! Dripping with inexplicable attitude, this spectacular specimen can be found trolling the fashionable mega-stores and corporate storefront money-vacuums with a delightful disdain for her less fashionable inferiors - namely everyone. Usually observed in pairs or mini-packs, our accessory-laden subject offers a study in contrasts; despite her perky attire, her demeanor suggests that of ordeal and over-stimulation. Could it be that she aspires to the very same high-maintenance lifestyle of the trash-magazine celebrities she emulates so enthusiastically? Or are her and her army of lookalikes simply spoiled empty-headed twits with dangerously indulgent parents? You be the judge.

*I am a relatively intelligent and attractive mother of two adorable children. However, I still find myself examining fashion and celebrity magazines while waiting to be beautified in nail or hair salons. I often get a haircut based on the glossy, Photoshopped headshots of Hollywood hotshots. Afterwards, I usually go to the mall in search of similar trendy clothes, shoes and accessories. Reading this post made me feel a little pathetic for my automatic desire to copy the twenty-something celebs who are paparazzied into every page, in hopes of looking a little like them. However, I have learned to accept the fact that I look like me—33.

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