Sunday, October 22, 2006

Ten Why's

Although, I could probably list 10,000.

1. Why do friends, family members or strangers often seem jealous (make disparaging remarks) rather than happy for others when they accomplish or acquire something or look fabulous?

2. Why do people from different cultures often seem to dislike or even hate each other rather than trying to see the value and beauty of different customs?

3. Why is anyone homeless?

4. Why are some people starving when so many people are overfed?

5. Why are some people so greedy and selfish?

6. Why aren’t all children adored and well-cared for?

7. Why the hell would anyone invent and sell something knowing that it can be destructive? I.e., Weapons, drugs, diseases, nuclear power plants, bombs, etc.

8. Why do politicians waste so much time attacking those with differing views rather than focusing on making real improvements? Attack ads make me dislike our entire political process and the tacky politicians who “endorse this message.”

9. Why aren’t sick freaks like pedophiles, murderers, rapists, arsonists and violent abusers immediately extinguished so they cannot harm another human being?

10. Why are Hollywood actors or entertainers so ridiculously overpaid and admired for putting on costumes and reading lines or singing and dancing?


Aisby said...

I ask myself the same why's all the time. It seems like everyone asks why, but no one seems to be able to or want to do anything about the problems in the world.

Bud said...

I wonder about all that and more too. Probably Money, power and a need to belong is at the root of most of that stuff.