Sunday, March 26, 2006


Lately, I have been a bit preoccupied with the idea of getting a kitten. I actually want a kitty in the worst way! Pussycats are so soft and adorable.

My husband says that I cannot have a kitty because he hates them. He said that he will take it for a ride if I bring one home, but he also told me that he would punt my puppy if I brought her home. He fell in love with our toy poodle. He loves our playful puppy even more than me, I think. She is two-years-old now and he hasn't kicked her once. In fact, he snuggles with her while they sleep.

I wonder if my five-pound-puppy would like to have a tiny kitty brother or sister. I hope that if I bring one small purrball home they will like each other’s company and cuddle up next to each other.

I really want to go to the pet store today and buy the cutest kitty that I can find. I wonder if maybe I should….


mcs said...

If you ever wondered who the love of my life is, there are two, actually:

The ex got them in the breakup, and I miss them both dearly every day!

Jessica said...

I recall reading about your beloved cats and your loss of them. I'm sure I told you that I read your entire blog when I first discovered it. You and Lefty are the only two who captivated me so.

I'm adopting a kitty! I'm thinking about names already! Josie is going to have a furry pal soon.

Melissa said...

You know that a little later in the spring, the local animal shelters will have tons of kittens. Probably better than buying from a pet store. And it makes you feel like you're doing something good.

I just hope that your husband acts alright toward it. I've read too much of what you've written not to be a bit nervous.

David said...

I love the kitten pics. Have you gotten one yet? If so, please post the new "family" pics! I have one cat. She's about to have kittens. Any day now...she's big as a watermelon. Looking forward to some wonderful, playful, adorable kittens.

Jessica said...

Melissa, Good suggestion. I checked the SPCA and they had no kittens yet.

David, I went to two local pet stores and found no kitties there either. They told me that they would be available in about two weeks after their mothers weened them. I can't wait!

Post photos when your cat has her kittens, please! I wish you were local so I could adopt one of yours!