Thursday, March 30, 2006

Kitty Bait

Last Monday, I visited two pet shops with my son. We were hoping to adopt a kitten, but there were no kitties available. I was told that they would have them in a few more weeks after their mothers weaned them. I intend to return to the store to pick out a purrball soon. However, while shopping for a fancy new collar for my toy pooch, we spotted colorful parakeets. We couldn’t resist adopting two blue hued feathery friends. They were an early birthday surprise for my daughter. She previously requested a chirping pet. We chose a roomy white birdcage for their home, which reminded me of Tweety Bird’s perch.

I named our birds Cyrano and Quill. I wanted to name our budgies Cyrano and Roxane from the play/film Cyrano de Bergerac. It’s one of my favorite romantic stories of all time. I settled on Cyr and Q, since they are both males, and because Cyrano probably wrote his love poems with a feather. I considered using Christian instead of Quill. Christian is the handsome soldier who read Cyrano’s eloquent letters to Roxanne, but I picked Quill because he’s a bird with a long tail. I could just dip him in ink and write a poem of my own.

Maybe this movie is the reason why I am attracted to men who have a prominent nose. (I wonder if what they say about men with large noses is true.) I like romantic men regardless of their appearance, although handsome is a pleasant bonus. I adore men who can express themselves movingly, vividly, readily, clearly and effectively. I fall deeply in love when a man is able to dazzle with his facile tongue or pen or keyboard. Sincerely expressed pretty words, happy children and precious pets make me giddy.

Cyrano & Quill *Photos taken this morning by me.


SCH said...

Pretty birds!

Bud said...

I hope this doesn't turn into the cat ate the bird and the dog ate the cat. They look sweet, though. Hope your little girl loves them a lot.