Sunday, March 12, 2006


I’d like to continue to get to the gym to work out with my son on Sundays. Otherwise, we don’t hang out much anymore. He’s usually doing something with his buddies. Last night, he went to a Wizard’s game with a bunch of his friends. Afterwards, they went to BK to have an eating contest. They ordered triple whoppers and king-sized the fries and drink--had to eat the whole thing. They decided whoever couldn’t do it wasn’t a man. Then they showed up at my house at midnight for the third time yesterday, while they waited for their parents to pick them up. They are funny kids.

My son woke up this morning and ate two plate-sized raspberry pancakes, as he explained that he’d never eat a triple whopper again. I can’t imagine consuming that much flame broiled beef with a gigantic pile of fried potatoes and a bucket of carbonated sugar. Teenage boys seem to have stomachs that are bottomless pits. No wonder my son can pick me up so easily. He eats epic amounts of meat when I’m not there to explain that one serving of protein is the size of your palm.

I’m glad that he’s not planning on a repeat performance. However, he has another friend who intends to join their gluttonous group this afternoon. At least they’ll play ball to burn it off. Bigger is not always better, especially since the triple whopper weighs in at 1230 Calories.

The calorie breakdown:
82 grams fat (incl. 32 grams Saturated Fat)
52 grams carbs
71 grams protein
1590 mg sodium

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txyankee said...

not to mention guts of steel, like i used to, well, i think there's just too much acid rolling around in there