Monday, February 06, 2006

Take a Bow

I wanted to say, "Thank you!” to the few people who nominated and voted for my blog at Philly Future. I would love to have been their current featured blog. However, I came in third place. I missed out on trying to earn votes because I found out about their poll too late and had too much to do over the weekend to notify and ask my blog buddies to vote for me.

My sister and I were busy throwing a retirement party for my dad on Super Bowl Sunday. My dad will be the Philadelphia area's most missed portrait and event photographer. He spent more than 30 years giving people cute nicknames as he made them smile. I hope that his shutter will continue to flash for many more years, as his beloved job becomes a hobby rather than an occupation.


jkirlin said...

Congrats to him!

jbgrinch said...

wish your dad a happy move into having a great hobby. I miss working with film and a 4x5 camera as I did in highschool and when I worked at temple University.I hope that he enjoys being able to take pics of what ever he wants to!

howard said...


I'm glad to hear you had a real life this weekend. Hopefully your dad will have a long enjoyable retirement, or at least that he won't be climbing the walls like my father's been doing the past couple years since he retired.

Btw, I voted for you :)

Jessica said...

Thanks Guys!

Howard, Thank you for voting for me!

My dad is only 58, which is young to retire. The company he worked for sold out. I plan on taking lots of day trips with him, especially to Philly. We're going downtown tomorrow.