Sunday, February 12, 2006

Heading South on Sixth

My dad and I went on a photo trip to Philly on a cold and cloudy Tuesday in February. (Last Wednesday) He even let me use his Nikon D70--and wear his khaki photographer’s vest. I looked like a real photojournalist and felt like one, too. However, my photos are not nearly as professional looking as my father’s perfect pictures.

The following photos show the beginning of our route to Penn Treaty Park. We used a map and followed the most direct path south to the area on the Delaware River where William Penn and the native Lenape signed Pennsylvania’s longest standing treaty in 1683. It wasn’t a glamorous view of the city, but it was interesting. I was amazed by the difference in housing as each few blocks passed by. The Philadelphia Housing Authority has created some cute, cozy and pleasant looking neighborhoods in place of some old and crumbled or burned out buildings. I hope that they continue to improve the area. As you can see, there are a multitude of murals on this southbound street. It made our trip more colorful.

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jkirlin said...

I *LOVE* these series!