Saturday, February 18, 2006

Astronomy & Astrology

I find the sky beautiful and fascinating, especially at night. I think that astronomy is an intriguing science. I also think that horoscopes are fun, but I don’t believe that they are a valid part of astronomy. Horoscopes are based on pseudoscience.

Here are several links regarding astrology

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*Recommendation: After you check your horoscope (and giggle), go outside and look at the actual night sky. (Wear something sexy under your coat.) During February, Venus will be the brightest planet you can see. And if you take the right person with you, gazing at the planet named for the goddess of love might do more to spark a romance than the zodiac ever could.


Taka said...

What a stylish blog here is!

TrekMedic251 said...

Well,...FWIW, my zodiac sign fits my personality to a T. I posted something about it earlier this month!

SamuRyan said...

Astrology never convinced me. I don't know if the "traditional" Zodiac has another name for it, but I'm an Aquarius on that chart. I also like the Chinese Zodiac which deals with years not months. On that chart, I always thought I was born in the Year of the Dragon but I didn't make the cut off, I was conceived and almost born then but I wound up in the Year of the Rabbit. Haha, oh well. Have a great Year of the Dog!