Monday, January 30, 2006

Passion Fruit Punch

It makes sense that sweet juice=sweeter juice. I think I'll drink more fruit juice, too. I would imagine that it might make anyone taste more like fresh and fruity cane sugar syrup.

*Andy, I like stories that mention Tommy Lee and pineapple flavored drinks. Yummy! Thanks for sharing. And, I like giving--good tip!

Hope you’re eating lots of celery and fruit, more powerful is always better. Your new nickname should be salad shooter. You might want to buy your wife a shower cap, unless she likes super hold hairspray. (There’s Something About Mary comes to mind.)

Maybe if I drank a glass of strawberry juice on Monday, grape juice on Tuesday, pineapple juice on Wednesday, cherry juice on Thursday, peach juice on Friday and apple juice on Saturday...I might taste like fruit punch by Sunday.

I think I'll start eating more fruit salads, too.


Andy Land said...

Glad I could inspire a post for you today, Jessica. Though few things are more depressing than hearing you have any sort of thing for Tommy Lee. Just too predictable from a gal like you. You should really focus more on young comedians and jugglers.

Jessica said...

Thanks for making me laugh, Andy.

Bud said...

That IS everything I wanted to know about semen. Thanks very much.

Prometheus said...

Hmmm... so all of the oranges and pinapple that I eat every morning has other benefits eh?!