Sunday, January 01, 2006

More Soulful Sex in 2006

As many of my readers know, I like to write erotic stories once in a while. I am also fascinated by great erotic storytellers and by the idea of "the virtues of vice and the vice of virtue" which is explored in the story Justine by the Marquis de Sade.

I love sexual exploration and testing boundaries, however I have done little that would be considered unconventional. On the occasions that I have role played or tested the pleasure/pain principle it has turned me on beyond my normal realm. I love the intensity and excitement that trying new ideas, situations, costumes, props and toys add to a sexual escapade. I like playing the roles of both domination and submission. However, I’m naturally more submissive and prefer being told what to do. I’m not a big Britney Spears fan but I like her lyrics…

I’m a slave for you. I cannot hold it; I cannot control it. I’m a slave for you. I won’t deny it; I’m not trying to hide it. Baby, don’t you wanna, dance upon me, (I just wanna dance next to you) To another time and place. Baby, don’t you wanna, dance upon me, (Are you ready) Leaving behind my name, my age. (Lets go) (Like that) (You like it) (Now watch me) Get it get it, get it get it (WHOOOA) Get it get it, get it get it (WHOOOOOA) Get it get it, get it get it (OOOHHHH) [Panting] I really wanna dance, tonight with you. (I just can’t help myself) I really wanna do what you want me to. (I just feel I let myself go) I really wanna dance, tonight with you. (Wanna see you move) I really wanna do what you want me to. (Uh Uh Uh)

The idea of pleasing someone whom I admire makes my pulse quicken and swells the pink flesh between my thighs.

When I was in my early twenties, I was somewhat reserved and afraid of the full power of my imagination and spirit--and of my body. I became braver as I ripened. I became more open minded and began to enjoy my curvaceous body and the power that it can have over the core of a man. I began to embrace my ability to give pleasure and receive it while flaunting my femininity.

I don’t consider myself sexually preoccupied. I don’t masturbate or have sex every day or even every other day. However, I think that sex is one of the most sensational natural acts that life has to offer. I don’t believe in starving myself in regard to lust filled endeavors. Blood engorged body parts are more deliciously worthy of devouring than a juicy chocolate and whipped cream dipped strawberry.

Sex is soulful and delicious and should be savored in every mood. I hope you enjoy it as much as you can in 2006! I plan to try out new sexy scenarios this year and I hope you will, too.

*I share my body and mind with one adventurous and attractive partner. Safe sex is scintillating, too! Finding a fabulous match is difficult, but the hunt is fun. Good luck!


TrekMedic251 said...

Happy (and Sexy) New Year, Jess!

Buddaemt6192 said...

WOW!!! Happy New Year Jess. By the way is that you in the pic, cuz that would be cool. What a ass!!!...LOL