Friday, January 27, 2006

Musical Movement

My inspirational instructor gave me the nickname Uma, two weeks ago while he was teaching me how to use a bamboo sword and wood bow. He is teaching me martial arts skills, which include an assortment of punches, blocks, kicks and kata. I am hoping to have a body like Uma Thurman's in Kill Bill by June. I want to be longer and leaner and a little bit bad--or maybe just less pathetic.

Fighting is completely against my nature. There is nothing intimidating about me. My "tough girl" face tends to elicit giggles rather than intimidation when I am trying to discipline my children or be taken seriously during a disagreement. I seem to have the same effect on my teacher. I was never really interested in martial arts or boxing sort of stuff. However, I have done a lot of kickboxing workouts.

After a free workshop given by Bally’s handsome new personal trainer, Dennis, I decided that learning self defense techniques was fun and interesting. I was bored with my exercise routine, so I decided to “kick it up a notch”—to steal a phrase from the adorable chef Emeril Lagasse.

This week, Dennis began teaching me a complex kata, which he put together from an awesome library of pretty, but deadly moves. His agile dance changes tempo, as he strikes imaginary pressure sensitive points. His focus creates a storm of sharp, smooth and sexy rhythms. His body becomes an expression of the art of war. His gorgeous athletic ability is breathtaking and a little intimidating. However, he motivates me through the choreography with patient repetition and a warm smile.

Dennis is the kind of guy who offers friendship along with sharing his knowledge of black belt martial arts. He is a kind Karate Master—and he is fantastic!


Prometheus said...

I'm sure if you stick with it, you will have that lean "Uma" body that you want.

Have more faith in yourself, you have great potential. You have the power, speed, and grace of a warrior without the natural lust for violence.

Stay on the new path that has intersected with your old one, and you will soon become that "bad" kick-@ss gentle woman that you really are.


Prometheus said...

Oh, I love the pics you use in your blogs. They are perfect for each subject.


JacUnivac said...

Speaking of the martial arts, Master Chen once said "you can't perform on an empty stomach Grasshopper". Have you been to Morimoto's there in Philly?



Bud said...

I'm REALLY glad you're learning to defend yourself. You could very possibly need that. Dennis sounds like a guy to stay close to. I used to love doing kata years ago. Some of our yoga poses are similar.