Thursday, November 17, 2005

Blog On!

Special thanks to Andy of amusing Andyland for his latest post, which announces my return!

Thank you Karl of Philly Future for putting me back into Philly’s greatest information center!

Thanks Bud my favorite singer/songwriter buddy for fixing my link!

Tack Melissa, my Square Peg fellow Philly blogette!

Merci Frank of the politically informative iFlipFlop.

Gracias TrekMedic, my conservative buddy with the cool quizzes and maps.

Dank u JacUnivac for the painting, the mention and attention.

Danke Karl from your corner in NJ!

Grazie Space Coast Musings in sunny Florida!

What’s up down south, Texas Yankee!

Shout out to Taorist!

Yo Pal to Howard of the eclectic and informative Smedley Log.

Holla to Jeff from behind the lens of The Thing.

*Update 11/20
Thanks for fixing my button on Romano's Ramblings, Pax!

*Second Update 11/24
Hey Mat, tanks fer puttin me new blog on yer Journal of Doubt!

Thank you everyone on my Luring Link list for putting my new blog on your list! Those of you who haven’t, I’m still hoping that you will get around to it. I’m glad that I saved my old template, so that I didn’t lose all of you, too! Let’s keep an eye on each other.


howard said...

Hey did someone named Frank take over my blog while I wasn't looking? I'm sure it was an innocent mistake (like all the other women who've forgotten my name...)

Jessica said...

Howard, I'm sorry it was a typo. I switched places with you and iFlipFlop and forgot to change the name. Oops!


howard said...

Okay, I guess I'll give you another chance...

The Taorist said...

You're welcome Jess! You know we're your biggest fans!