Tuesday, May 30, 2006

Sweet, Watery Red Flesh

Most people probably ate watermelon over Memorial Day weekend. We took one to my grandma’s house for our pool party picnic, as well as beer, clams and cantaloupe. Other relatives covered the rest of the menu, which was a homemade feast. Wearing a skimpy swimsuit wasn’t even enough to remind me not to stuff myself.

Anyway, I was curious about finding watermelon recipes for summer, since it’s so sweet and delicious. I’ve decided to make Watermelon Daiquiris to go with our grilled steak and shrimp dinner this evening. It was also interesting to read these watermelon fun facts. I hope you will add something sweet to your dinner, too!


Morteza Mirgholami said...

Dear Jessica
Thanks for your comments
In fact I was in your country last week which was like a dream for me.
Is that pretty girl with American flag bikini you?!

Morteza Mirgholami said...

Thanks Jessica
you are pretty

dwaipayan said...

u r making me hungry!!!!!!

and hey, thanks for visiting our group blog,"The Collage"