Wednesday, May 24, 2006

Fishing Couple

I went fishing with my husband on sunny, blustery and cool Monday. We went to the fishing dock at Green Lane Reservoir. I caught a crappie and a perch and he caught a bass. We quit after three mostly unproductive hours.

We went fishing again yesterday at Pennypack Creek. Thankfully, the weather wasn’t quite as windy. I caught seven sunnies and one black crappie. My husband was unsuccessful at reeling in the large fishies that we could see swimming in the center of their shimmering pool. After two hours we became bored and frustrated, so we tossed the rest of the mealies into the water.

I prefer salt water fishing. I don’t like touching worms. I’d rather use minnows or squid and fish for flounder or anything else we might find in the brine.

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