Saturday, December 10, 2005

Five Kinda Weird Habits

TrekMedic tagged me…

1. I go to bed most nights by 9:30 and wake up very early.
2. I work out for at least an hour, seven days per week.
3. I spend a lot of time making my house as clutter free as possible.
4. While lying in bed I think about writing ideas and sometimes I imagine painting the words in the air.
5. Sometimes I am attracted to a guy before I really know him and then I usually realize that I don’t think that he is worthy of my admiration—and I end up feeling disappointed.

What are five of your sorta weird habits?

You're it Melissa, SCH, and Texas Yankee


Melissa said...

Done!! Click on my name to check out the weirdness.

Thanks Jess, that was kind of fun.

Bud said...

Nothing Weird about your listed habits, Jess. Weird is relative.

SCH said...

I finished mine too Jess. Careful about wanting to know my weird oddities. They might scare you away!

Joe Tornatore said...

number 5 is called idealizaling. the grass that seems greener erupts weeds once we are invited on the property.

Jessica said...

LOL, Joe!

txyankee said...

i love that santa pic on the top post you have right now on Christmas songs!