Monday, August 21, 2006

Wonderful Weekend

On Saturday, we spent part of our day in the park, after my husband and I stole an early breakfast date alone and delivered breakfast sandwiches to our sleepy kids. Activities included fishing for my daughter and husband and walking the nature trail for my son and me. My daughter caught lots of sunnies and my husband caught “a bass, a big fat bass”, as he sang over and over to our daughter. He also caught a snapping turtle. I swapped MP3 players with my son and we listened to each other’s noise and had a pleasant chat about things.

We watched the movie Benchwarmers when we came home. It was silly and somewhat amusing if you’re into watching nerds/underdogs pick boogies, get fart faced and suck then win at baseball.

On Sunday, we went to Nifty Fifties for brunch and then took the kids to Dave and Buster’s at the Franklin Mills Mall. We went neon bowling and then played cool video games. We had fun!

The kids followed up the afternoon with two hours of swimming at the local pool while my husband and I chilled on the sofa playing new downloads of the classics, Pacman and Joust, on Xbox 360--and he did Soduko. (Numbers nerd puzzles)

Then I finished a fairly boring book called Time and Again by Nora Roberts, while my husband played Ghost Recon with his “Live” buddies.

Overall we had a sunny Saturday and Sunday. (Except for the fact that I dyed my sun-bleached blonde hair with a darker semi-permanent color—Coastal Dune, which rinsed out after four shampoos and made my gold hair look slightly green. Then I dyed it Cinaberry, which started rinsing out after about five shampoos revealing pinkish strands of once yellow hair. What a mess. Now I think I’ll have to try Nutmeg, which is much darker. I want to tone down my locks for September, which I did last year, too.)

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SCH said...

You looked good last year too!! :)

Are you going to grace us with more pictures this year?