Monday, June 12, 2006


My husband and I took our kids to the June Fete on Saturday morning. I had a golf ball sized left cheek. I stood watching their smiling faces on every ride, since I was too sick to climb on with them. My daughter was especially thrilled by all of the rides, although she made herself a little nauseous by repeating rides that all seemed to go in a circle for three hours. My son stayed the whole day with his buddies.

We went to an extended family brunch on Sunday. It was pleasant despite my inability to eat.

We also attended an open house to scope out a lovely in ground pool. We put a in a bid for the home the same evening.

We are weighing the pros and cons of making the move. It is in the same township as our current residence, so it wouldn’t change much for the kids in that regard. We just have to decide if we want to take on more debt for new digs. We have 48 more hours to decide before we let the other family who bid on the home make their move instead.

It’s such a big decision. The split level home isn’t much bigger square footage wise than our current cape cod, but the big & beautiful pool is quite alluring. It also happens to be situated next door to my grandparent’s house/above ground pool and deck—and my dad and sister and her fiancĂ© are in the colonial I grew up in next to them. We’d be three in a row. The block is very family oriented and busy. There are lots of gigantic additions with in-law suites attached to them. It’s multigenerational, which is very European.

The thing is I adore my humble cottage with all of its carefully planted gardens. My house is appealingly curb friendly and cozy. I would miss it if I moved.

My husband is willing to stay or go. He said that he just wants me to be happy.

My kids would be content with either living arrangement. They both said that they would like living near so many relatives, but they would miss the friends that are scattered around the neighboring streets and being so close to their schools.

The two mile difference seems to make more difference to me than anyone else in my family. I’m feeling indecisive--and my mouth is still swollen and sore.


jkirlin said...

Ooo...the Sea Dragon.

The Roomba of carnival rides.

Melissa said...

I think taking on more debt is a huge deal. Is your current home close to being paid off? I bought my house 10 years ago and refinanced it in 2001 to a 15 year mortgage. My house will be paid off in a short 10 years and I'll only be 49. I love the idea of that. Think hard about taking on more debt.

Mr. Husbland said...

You guys would be just like Everybody Loves Raymond!


Karl said...

That pirate ship ride freaked me out years ago. It is much more menacing than it looks!