Tuesday, June 20, 2006


We just got home from my daughter’s first swim team practice. I am excited that she asked to join the team this year. I told her that I was proud of her for trying something new. I was on a swim team for the same township at her age and I loved it. My daughter is naturally graceful in the water. She learned the strokes quickly and is a solid swimmer. I’m thrilled that she loves it because it’s fantastic exercise and she’ll make new friends.

My handsome sixteen-year-old son went to watch his cute ten-year-old sister swim her first laps as a piranha. He recently got his permit, so he drove us to the park. I’m having a hard time getting used to my baby boy becoming a responsible adult who happens to be a 6’ 3”, 205 pound, green-eyed gentle giant. He fills out the driver’s seat of my Volvo with barely enough room to move his newly trained limbs. If he continues to grow I think he’ll need a larger vehicle.

I listened to my son and daughter share the bathroom this morning. It was an amusingly friendly exchange. My daughter threw a wet washcloth over the shower curtain and onto her brother’s unsuspecting head, while she was brushing her teeth. She lovingly told him that he was ugly. He replied, “So are your eyelids.” She said, “You’re so weird. He said, “So are your earlobes.”

On another note, we didn’t get the house. We put a bid in for asking price, but we would have had to sell our home first. The sellers chose someone who didn’t have a contingency. We were a little bummed about losing the deal, but we’re also content to stay in our adorable home.

We spent our first afternoon at the local public pool yesterday. The splashing and sunning sparked my daughter’s interest in joining the swim team, so I’m glad that we went even though it was hot, humid and crowded.

My jaw seems to mostly healed. The swelling is almost gone. Unfortunately, I still have some discomfort in my gums. I really hope that I still don't have an active infection and that I don't get another one! I have a check up with my oral surgeon on Thursday afternoon.

I’m heading out to my grandparent’s house to let them watch our new Dane Cook DVD, Harmful If Swallowed. My son likes the idea of having them watch it, since they are Lutherans who rarely miss church--and donate a great deal of their money and time to their church. Dane refers to communion as ingesting a crouton of Christ or a Jeesit or Christchex.

I’m going to stop and pick up some coffee for them. I can’t wait to see their reaction to Dane’s religious humor. As my son says, “I love those old heads.”


Bud said...

Your kids are so cool. Glad your jaw is improving!

The Nameless One said...

Good site.

Like it.